The RootCellar has developed a number of presentations over the years. Below are some current of our current offerings. We have presented to many diverse civic groups, organizations, schools and businesses. New presentations are always being developed so don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in other renewable energy presentations. Our rates are very reasonable - please call for availability for your organization.

History of Wind Turbines 200 BC to Present
The history of wind machines is a narrated pictorial including over 100 pictures depicting the history of wind machines from 200 BC to the present. This presentation is suited for high school students and adults. The length is 45 minutes to 1-½ hours.

Small Wind PreRequisites
Reviewing the prerequisites to installing a small wind system.

Samll Wind Case Studies
Case studies of small wind installations.

Build your own solar oven -- (Material cost of $10 per oven)
In this, hands on, workshop participants of all ages are taught how to build and cook with a solar oven made out of recycled cardboard and drycleaner bags. Participants are encouraged to take their oven home and demonstrate this technology to others. The cardboard oven can be used as a template for a longlasting oven made out of 1" foam board. The workshop takes aprox. 45 minutes to one hour.Classes are limited to 25 participants and can include a materials fee.

Basic and Advanced Photovoltaics
This presentation provides an overview of the Photovoltaic (PV) industry. It begins by discussing the history of PV, explaining the PV effect, describing cell manufacturing technology and moves into comparing system output to utility demand and discussing how PV is a value added product for home owners and utilities. The presentation also covers the marketing of PV system, market challenges, customer interests and product attributes and solutions for overcoming barriers. This presentation is intended for students, home owners, business owners and corporations interested the economics of installing Photovoltaics. The presentation lasts about 45 minutes to one hour.

Community Wide Energy Efficiency
This presentation explains how Mr. Root was able to save the City of Muscatine Iowa over 56 million kWh over a nine year period. We will cover the marketing plan, program development, the opportunities identified and the savings obtained from implimentation of suggested energy saving improvements. Once you have experienced this presentation you will be re
ady to emulate our success in your community.

Residential Energy Efficiency
This presentation explains the opportunities identified and the savings obtained from implementation of energy saving improvements to residential homes.

Tour the RV of the Future -- Solar/Wind/Ethaol powered Energy Efficient Motor Home
Tour the Solar/Wind/Ethanol power RV that features 350 watts of solar power, 400 watts of wind power, a 700 amp hour battery bank, a 30 amp charge controller, insulating curtains, LED lighting, Solar Water Heater , 12 volt 5.5 Cu. Ft refrigerator that only uses 24 amp hrs per day, a Human/Solar power recumbent bicycle and many other energy efficient appliances. After touring this mobile renewable energy class room you will ready to start a solar project of your own.

$350 per 1/2 Day / $500 per full day (set up takes about 3 hours) plus $1 per mile for presentations using Energy Efficient/Solar/Wind/Ethanol powered RV. (Call for details)  563/590-8566

$250 per 1/2 Day / $500 per full day plus $0.50 per mile for presentations using company car.