first turbineThe questions I answer  most frequently are:
  • Once my Renewable Energy (RE) System is installed what can I expect for production?
  • How soon will this system pay for itself?      
The answer to these questions varies depending on the location of the RE system, The cost of electricity in your area, State and Federal incentives and the type and manufacture of the RE equipment you choose.

Below you will find projects the RootCellar has sold, designed, installed and is monitoring.       After viewing the production of these sites we think you will gain an understanding why the answer of the production and pay back questions vary from site to site.  The best way to get your production and pay back questions answered is to have one of our representatives visit your site and perform a site analysis.

 Click on the link to view production in real time.

Solar PV:

Enphase Inverters:
  1. 1.8 KW Multi Pole Ground Mount -- Independence Elementary School,  Iowa             
  2. 1.8 KW Residential Roof Mount  ----------------------------------------------   Muscatine Iowa
  3. 2.4 KW Multi Pole Ground Mount ------------------------- Grand View, Iowa                    
  4. 3.7KW Residential Roof Mount -------------------------------------- Deere Grove, Illinois 
  5. 6.6 KW Commercial Ballasted Roof Mount -- Format LLC ------------- Vinton, Iowa      
  6. 16.7 KW Commercial Roof Mount - Allsteel Inc -------------------------- Muscatine Iowa
  7. 6.0 KW Residential Multi Pole Ground Mount ------------------------------- Stirling, Illinois
  8. 4.7 KW Residential Roof Mount ---------------------------------------- Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Fronius Inverters:

  1. 10.9 KW Residential Roof mount----------------------------------------------- Lorentzen Array
  2. 14.4 KW Residential Multi Pole Ground Mount ---------------------------- Polk City Iowa   

  1. 12.5 KW Bergey Turbine on 100' Free Standing Lattice Tower -- Wapello, IA.
  2. 12.5 KW Bergey Turbine on Guyed 100' Tower ---------------------- Davenport, IA
  3. 12.5 KW Bergey Turbine on 120' Free Standing Lattice Tower ------Kalona, IA
Hybrid Systems
  1. Muscatine Power & Water (Muscatine, IA) - 3.3 KW PV & a 3.7 KW  wind turbine
  2. Maquoketa Valley REC  (Anamosa, IA) ----  2.2 KW PV  & a 3.7 KW  wind turbine
 Following are links to calculators which will estimate the production of Wind/Solar systems by type and manufacture.  See how they compare to our real-time data.