Consulting Services

* Residential & Commercial Energy Audits

* Solar, Wind, Geo Exchange Design and Sizing

Don't let your hard earned dollars escape out your windows!
We can help you tighten up your home with a residential energy audit. During the audit, we will discuss your home's insulation levels, windows, doors, appliances, electrical usage and give you customized advice on how to save energy in your home. After the audit we will send you a letter with a list of suggestion, which if implimented, will reduce your energy bill.

For more information, or to schedule an energy audit, contact John Root 563/590-8566
Fee -- $100 per hr plus $0.50 per mile for travel

We receive calls every day asking for ways to reduce electric energy consumption in stores, factories and office buildings. In response we have developed a walk through audit in which we identify your energy saving opportunities and inventory you lighting, which normally is 20% of your electrical consumption.

After auditing you facility our energy auditor will return to the office and develop a action plan describing all the energy saving
opportunities found in your facility and suggesting ways to reduce your utility bill.. Included in the letter will be suggestions on how to reduce energy consumption and links to web pages where you can find additional information, on the opportunities we find. In addition to the audit letter, we will provide your company with a spreadsheet quantifying energy saving lighting opportunities. This spreadsheet list potential energy saved, dollars saved, rebates, pay back, net present value, internal rate of return and CO2 emission reduction. It is an excellent tool for prioritizing your energy saving projects
Fee -- $100 per hr. plus $0.50 for travel

Wind/Solar/Geo Sitings and Sizings:

We have over 27 years of experience siting wind, solar and Geo Exchange installations.

A Rootcellar representative will come to your home or business with data on your site. While there we will help you identify
where to place your wind turbine, solar array or Geo system. We have test equipment, which we use to determine how much shadowing you will have on your array and software which will tell us how much the shadowing will effect production. Ideally we like to find locations that do not have shadowing but that is not always possible.

For wind we will provide you with information about your elevation, potential production, analysis your site and discuss the differances between the various types of wind turbines and towers.

While at your home or business our representative will discuss all the choices you have between different types of wind turbines, solar
arrays, towers and mounting systems. When we leave you will know if wind, solar or geoexchange makes sense at your location. In addition to the
technical information our representative will provide you with information on State, Federal and Utility incentives in order to help you
determine the economic feasibility of your project.

For Geo Exchange installations the rule of thumb, for cost, is $5,000 a ton. Do you want to take a chance that your system is over or undersized?

We have software to accurately size your geo system. While at your home or Business we will record information on window sizes,
door sizes, insulation levels, exposed foundation, cubic feet, square feet and plug loads. From this information we will
be able to determine the correct size Geo Exchange system for your home or business.


Wind and Solar siting ---- $100 per hr.
Geo Sizing ------------------ $100 per hr.
Travel ----------------$0.50 per mile

NOTE: If you decide to purchase Wind/Solar equipment from the RootCellar the siting fee will be deducted from cost of the project.

The RootCellar can help you make use of state and federal programs in your area as well as get the most energy efficiency for your buck!
Call us to see how our consulting services can help you.
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