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Energy Efficient choices can save your family about a third of your energy bill with similar savings of greenhouse gas emissions. You can accomplish your energy efficient goals without sacrificing features, style or comfort. Also, for every dollar you spend on energy efficiency you will reduce the cost of a renewable energy system by three dollars. The ENERGY STAR label can guide you in your energy efficient choices. Before purchasing your next appliance go to to discover all your energy saving opportunities.

Geo Exchange heat pumps provide 4 units of energy for each unit of enegy that they consume. A Geo Exchange heat pump has the potential to reduce your heating and cooling costs by 75% and changes your electrical demand to more closely match the electrical production of Wind and Solar generators. For more information on Geo Exchange Heat Pumps go to -- or to

Wind TurbineSolar energy is particularly environmentally friendly because it is naturally produced in greatest amounts when it is needed the most, during the day and during the summer months when the consumption of electricity is normally the highest. For more information on solar click on -- Solar 101

Wind power has the potential to make a major difference in addressing climate change. It is estimated that if 10% of the world’s power came from wind, it would cut CO2 emissions by one billion tons a year! (source: For more information on wind energy click on -- Wind 101

There are many types of alternative fuel vehicles in use today and even more being developed. There are solar-powered, wind powered, hydrogen-powered and flexible-fuel vehicles such as those that use ethanol and Bio Diesel.
For more information on Electric vehicles click on Electric Vehicle Basics

Here at The RootCellar we have spent over 25 years helping our clients reduce their energy consumption by providing energy efficient solutions and state of the art renewable energy technology. We also provide consulting services for Residential and Commercial clients, and group presentations for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

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